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    The blinds include shutters and grilles and external louvres – sunbreakers. Shutters and grilles are the most common choice of the shading system for residential areas. Sunbreakers are not only the most common choice for office buildings and industrial facilities, but also for buildings of modern architecture.


    The shutter is the most common choice for regulating the amount of light in your home.

    The standard elements we install are aluminum lathe filled with polyurethane foam, which sufficiently protect against weather conditions and enhance sound and thermal insulation.

    Roller shutters may be in various RAL colors and wooden decors. It is possible to integrate the fly screen in the roller shutter box.

    The mechanisms for raising and lowering the shutter are normally integrated into the windows frame as a standard.

    If you want extra comfort and aesthetics, the mechanism for raising and lowering the shutter is integrated into the roller shutter box while raising and lowering the shutters starts with pressing the wall switch or the remote control button.


    Grilles as an external louvre provide good protection against general weather conditions. Aluminum provides them longevity, strength and durability as well as easy maintenance.

    According to the opening method, we divide the aluminum grilles into: turning, folding, fold & slide or sliding grilles.

    According to the shading system, we divide them into grilles/louvers with movable slats and grilles with fixed slats.

    Choose traditional Dalmatian shutters for complete darkening.


    - durability and resistance to all weather conditions

    - simple and practical for handling, cleaning and maintenance

    - sturdy and stable

    External blinds

    External blinds, as a flexible and effective solution for sun and view protection, provide optimal room climate and comfort. Their unique design makes them an interesting element in designing the facades, which allow individual regulation of entry of sunlight.

    External venetian blinds are the best choice if you want to enjoy the comfortable atmosphere. They are suitable for shading larger glass surfaces. They function according to the same principle as internal blinds except that the slats, guides and other parts are much more massive and solid.

    Raising and lowering the slats and the regulation of the angle of incidence of light are coordinated internally. Operation can be performed via a cord or a crank, via a motorized system on a push of a button, or with a remote control. Motorized blinds are to be fitted with wind sensors for automatic operation in case of strong wind, so that slats can automatically retract in the roller shutter box and be protected in that way.


    - Individual light and shadow shaping

    – Stable for effects of wind

    – Protection against heat in a way that the sun rays are reflected off the facade

    – Control of the entry of sunlight into the room

    – Excellent darkening by setting different slat positions

    – Protection against adverse weather conditions thanks to a stable closing system

    – Individual performances of all products

    – Long service life

    – Reduction of energy consumption in households and offices