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    The basic features of the system are

    -Energy efficiency - the intelligent choice of materials helps us achieve a high degree of thermal comfort

    -Lighting - increasing the amount of natural light greatly reduces the electricity consumption.

    -High security - traction system by means of chain and steel cable. Steel is a material with high tensile strength such as compression, with a high strength/weight ratio. Therefore, these chains have a competitive advantage over other materials used in the market because they are safer and more resistant over time.

    - Anti-derailment and drop-off safety: A patented system that ensures the correct sliding of the leaves through the guides, avoiding the possibility of derailment and going off of them. Additional reinforcement: Reinforcement of the profiles by galvanized steel.

    -Emergency operation: There is an option of including an emergency drive  system on demand (possibility of a manual system or external battery). If at some exact moment the motor drive is canceled  (for example, in the middle of a storm), the roof can always be opened or closed using these emergency systems.

    -Durability treatments: Cataphoresis treatment of fixing brackets and traction mechanisms to increase their durability.

    -Innovative sliding system: Sliding system using special Nylon skids.

    - Special sealing: we use a highly reliable structural silicone that has passed rigorous aging and adhesion tests.

    - Profile systems: to achieve an optimal result, both technically and aesthetically, the profile systems that make up our  products are manufactured under a proprietary design registered and patented by the company, which allows us to manufacture light ceilings, with rounded lines and minimalist aesthetics.

    -Additionally we can install integrated awnings  to provide extra protection from the sun, LED lighting, heating or speakers, regardless of whether the roof is open or closed.


    Glass façade systems are systems that solve the problem of large glass surfaces without disturbing heat insulation and statics. Glass façade systems are an integral part of modern architecture. Large glass surfaces are a source of natural light, which is why the glass façade is a great choice for different purposes. The glass used as part of the façade system must have special insulation properties.

    In addition to aesthetic requirements, glass façades must also be functional and energy efficient with maximum light transmission and minimum heat energy loss, while requirements differ with regard to transfer of solar energy (g-value). 

     In commercial and industrial buildings usually covered in extensive glass surfaces, solar energy results in overheating of the interior, unless appropriate glazing is used. 

    Effective heat insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and offers an added advantage – reduction of CO2 emissions. Modern façade glass is also an important factor in sound insulation of a building. Glass façade systems are made according to the requirements of the investor, complying with the construction and glass industry standards and according to the regulations of individual manufacturers of elements of glass façade systems. 

    Ventilated facades are an integral part of modern architecture and represent much more than design requirements - they provide energy-efficient, long-lasting properties. Ventilated façade systems result in gaining various benefits. First, the stack effect or chimney effect is the movement of air within buildings and through enclosures which helps drain heat and moisture from rain or condensation. Second, the ventilated façade also reflects a large degree of the sun heat, which supports the efficiency of thermal insulation and significantly reduces the need for air conditioning. The result of these properties improves comfort in residential areas. The benefit to tenants is not only in reducing maintenance costs and living in dry and comfortable conditions, but also in making a positive contribution to the quality of indoor living.

    The development of new technologies has resulted in expansion of the range of products on the market and development in terms of better energy efficiency, fire resistance, where designers and investors find the aesthetic factor of the outer cladding the most interesting.

    The offer of wall cladding of ventilated facades is diverse: aluminum composite material, high pressure laminates etc. The basic characteristics of the wall cladding are:






    Fly screens

    Fly screens are a simple and effective solution for preventing mosquitoes and other insects from entering the area. They are suitable for both residential areas and premises, wherever there is a need for protection against insects while still allowing an unobstructed passage of air through open windows or doors. Owing to various dimensions and methods of installation, it is possible to tailor them to the customers' needs.

    They are manufactured in four variants:

    – Fixed fly screens

    – Sliding fly screens

    – Horizontal retractable fly screens

    – Vertical retractable fly screens


    Garage doors must be functional, resistant to weather conditions, easy to maintain.


    All parts of the door are manufactured from high-quality aluminum. The 77 mm high panel is filled with polyurethane foam which gives the door excellent thermal and sound insulation. The roller shutter is rolled up in a box 300 mm high and is hidden, which enables you to have a lot of space left in your garage, workshop or warehouse. The door has a motorized door opener which is remote controlled, but in the event of a power failure, you can manually open your garage door. Aluminum roll-up garage doors are custom made, they are fitted inside or outside of your garage, and they can also be fitted in between the walls. The door locking handle is fitted in at request.

    Standard colors: white, green, brown, grey.



    – long lasting and resistant to all weather conditions

    – construction depth in the range of 50 mm to 360 mm

    – standard colors: white, bronze anodized brown and anodized silver, raw sill is also available, which must be powder coated to the desired color or anodized before installation

    –sill sealer: white and black

    – possibility of installation of anti-vibration pad beneath the sill 30 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm in width

    – possibility of assembling the sill with length over 6 m by means of assembling elements

    - possibility of assembling the sill at an angle of 90 degrees


    – construction depth in the range of 100 mm to 700 mm

    – standard colors: white, faux marble, golden oak, light oak, mahogany

    – resistant to all types of loads (compression, bending, impacts)

    – elegant silky look

    - high scratch resistance

    GECCO ventilation

    Since the windows are sealed perfectly, the air exchange in the room is reduced to a minimum, which can cause the mould growth in your apartment as well as the condensation of water on the glass surfaces. Adequate ventilation of the rooms is a solution to this problem.

    Condensation is a natural phenomenon which occurs on the surfaces of cold objects when the concentration of humidity in the air is high. It occurs more frequently in winter when the temperature difference between the exterior and interior is higher. Warm air can hold more moisture than the cold one. The part of water vapor that cannot be absorbed by air condenses on surrounding surfaces.

    GECCO (Gealan Clima Control)

    In order to maintain a balance between humidity and temperature in your rooms, we offer an intelligent automatic ventilation system GECCO (Gealan clima control). The installation of GECCO on your window allows you automatic air ventilation through a closed window without draught or sudden temperature drop. A small vent with a great effect makes your classical window a “ventilation window” allowing thus a regular airing of a room and mold prevention on the walls.

    Gecco 4 is the most recent version of the system. It offers additional advantages such as the pollen filter and insect protection. Regarding Gecco 4 we offer sound insulation and rain protection accessory at request.

    Advantages of GECCO ventilation system:

    – Optimal exchange of air at normal air pressure

    – Minimum energy waste

    – Patented, fully automatic adjustment of the ventilation

    – No draught even in case of high winds

    – No improper operation possible due to the automatic drive

    – High thermal and sound insulation

    – No mold growth

    – Silent and no whizz caused by draught

    – Economical and affordable solution

    – Permanent ventilation

    – GECCO 3 can be retrofitted


    Internal partitions and doors are most commonly used to divide premises. The ease of manufacture and the use and the functionality of the space are the basic features as to why you should choose Izodal internal partitions and doors.

    RWA Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation

    RWA (Rauch und Wärme Abzugsanlagen) / SHEV (Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation) is an important part of fire protection.

    Any place where the highest level of reliability of the smoke extraction ducts is required in the event of fire, RWA smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems are one of the fundamental pieces of the technical equipment. If a fire occurs, it is important to quickly identify it, so that smoke vents can be opened in a timely manner by using motorized door openers. This helps prevent the escape routes from filling with smoke, contributes to saving human lives and significantly reduces the harmful effects of fire.

    Modular RWA central control units take over control, coordination and operation of the smoke and heat extraction system in case of fire and emergency and coordinate in day-to-day ventilation. All alarm and error messages will be saved and these messages will be forwarded if the system is networked into building management systems via interface modules.


    Their diversity and visual appearance are of great importance for any contemporary facility. Automatic entrance door systems are one of the most emphasized and representative parts of the facade and therefore they have not become for no reason an important and indispensable part of the concept of modern facilities. They can be used in the "barrier-free" construction area as a system for separating rooms, and also meet the requirements for the safety revolving door.

    IZODAL offers you reliable automatic entrance door systems from the program of its partner, the renowned German manufacturer - GU Automatic (Gretsch-Unitas Group). No matter whether you need a sliding, telescopic, revolving or angular sliding door, sliding door drives, revolving (rotating) door of smaller or larger diameter, safety sliding doors or sliding glass partitions – we can offer you all of the above mentioned from the GU Automatic product range.