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Not only does the old joinery damage the appearance of a building, but it is also energy inefficient. In summer, dilapidated windows and doors leak the heat into the home, and on cold days they leak merciless cold. If you have decided that it is a right moment to change your dilapidated windows and doors, keep in mind that it really matters which door and window you will choose, or who will perform the works for you. You'd better leave this matter to experts who will analyze the state of your building, advise you on what kind of joinery you should choose and who will perform the works in the shortest time possible.

IZODAL d.o.o. from Kaštel Sućurac is such a company. This is the company specialized for finishing works in construction, that is, a company engaging in the production and installation of aluminum and PVC joinery, aluminum facades, shutters, grilles, sliding walls and partition walls, roll-up doors and fly screens. In the past 22 years, specializing in the joinery business and always focusing on customer needs, IZODAL d.o.o. has become one of the industry leaders in the region.

We have retained our customers' confidence by providing excellent professional service, delivery of joinery within the agreed deadline, all in cooperation with several of the most famous European manufacturers of profiles and hardware.

Company details

IZODAL d.o.o. for finishing works in construction

Franje Tuđmana 9

21212 Kaštel Sućurac

OIB: 07085868781

Commercial bank: Zagrebačka banka d.d. , Zagreb, IBAN: HR2123600001101273875

Tel +385 21 260 640

Fax +385 21 260 639

E-mail: izodal@izodal.hr

The Company is entered in the register of the Commercial Court in Split, Company Reg. No. 060040707, foundation year: 1997.

The share capital in the amount of HRK 1,262,400.00 has been paid in full. Member of the Managing Bord: Ante Hrga

Advantages of Izodal

Why should you choose Izodal windows and doors?

  • We have extensive experience in manufacturing and installation
  • We use state-of-the-art machinery and technology
  • We use top quality material in manufacture.
  • You receive long-term warranty with guaranteed service for purchased products with installation services provided by us.
  • The customers of Izodal windows and doors are satisfied customers

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