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Sliding doors separate and connect spaces, maximizing space utilization while sunlight smoothly illuminates your home through large glass surfaces.

By simple closing and opening, the PVC sliding doors take up minimal space and also connect the room to the outside area. According to the opening method, we distinguish between the three basic opening systems: two-wing sliding doors, tilt and slide doors, consisting of two parts - a sliding part and a fixed part and a lift and slide doors. In addition to the mentioned types of sliding doors, there are fold and slide doors, which are an ideal solution if you want to connect your living room or terrace with a garden. In this one wing design, it can always be opened by a tilt and turn wing and used as a standard balcony door to exit to a balcony or a terrace, while the other wings can be fully pushed to the other side to get the maximum opening size.

The choice of a type of the sliding door depends on the customer's needs and desires, but also on the sizes and functional requirements. It is easiest and financially most cost-effective to close the small openings with a traditional balcony door. When larger dimensions are concerned, we need to consider one of the sliding options.